South Texas Oil Boom: Prime for Oil Job Seekers

by | May 2, 2017 | Why Invest in Oil

Unlocking Lucrative Opportunities for Oil Job Seekers in the South Texas Oil Boom

The prospect for employment in the oil and gas industry will be higher soon, even as experts have predicted no less than 100,000 new jobs in 2018.

According to Goldman Sachs, a huge comeback is set to be made in the U.S oil industry.

The United States sits on 264 billion barrels of oil – which is beyond the quantity possessed by Saudi Arabia, Russia or any other oil producing nation. The shale oil awaits being tapped whenever a significant rise in oil price is seen (predicted to occur in the middle of 2017).

The creation of 700 oil rigs with an average of 120 to 150 employees have been forecast by Goldman, as there is high expectation of a rise in oil production. This is good news as many hands will be engaged in various sections of oil production like drilling, well completion, deliveries and logistics.

BLS Data supported Goldman’s prediction predicting that derrick operators needed for hire in the oil sector will increase by 13% in 2024 in addition to specialists required to be engaged are rotary drill operators and petroleum engineers each with over 200 jobs currently posted on Monster.

Other prospecting fields include well pumpers, petroleum pump system operators, Roustabouts, refinery operators and gaugers.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has confirmed the availability of 172,400 jobs in the oil and gas sector.