Essential US Expansion: Oil and Gas Pipelines

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Why Invest in Oil

Oil and gas pipelines are the safest and most economical way to transport energy.

The US has been a major player in the oil and gas industry since the very beginning. Crude oil production and natural gas output fuel the economy and provide energy to the entire country, so why do investors hesitate to invest in pipelines? The pipeline infrastructure has not kept up with the demand for the most common energy source that people rely on, and problems will bottleneck sooner than later

Despite states like New York resisting fracking by playing upon environmental concerns, they still rely heavily on oil and gas. Texas is experiencing a surge of activity, because the demand for oil and gas continues to go up. Preventing new builds means shipping crude oil domestically at unnecessarily high costs. Energy costs are significantly higher for areas without access to pipelines. The US relies too heavily on oil and gas to ignore the need for pipelines that safely transport this in-demand commodity.

Oil and gas pipelines build a global energy alliance.

The US is the largest oil and gas producer in North America, and we could easily launch our standing as a global leader with pipelines running through Mexico and Canada. We could also maximize on exports, which are currently restricted by coastal areas that do not yet have a pipeline infrastructure. There is never a reason that the US should pay other countries for their oil when there is a healthy domestic supply. To remain a global leader, pipelines are necessary to maximize domestic and international oil and gas exports.

Oil is a global commodity.

The expansion of pipelines would lower oil and gas prices locally and around the world. The US continues to be a major producer, and this benefits everyone. Oil exports, made possible by pipelines, drive the global economy and make an important difference in the vital energy that is available. US oil is a reliable industry, it is a domestic business, and it energizes the world.

Oil & Gas Investors should not be discouraged.

More pipelines are an inevitable part of the future of the oil and gas industry in the US. The demand for oil is not lessening in the slightest, and areas that don’t have oil and gas pipelines are struggling for affordable energy. Now is the time to invest in new oil and gas initiatives that will boost economies worldwide and form international partnerships that will yield lucrative results. The environment has nothing to fear from pipelines when a proper infrastructure reduces CO2 emissions, and the US economy has everything to gain.