South Texas Oil: An investment option for me?

by | Feb 16, 2019 | Investing in the South Texas Oil Boom, South Texas Oil Boom, Why Invest in Oil

Serious investors ask the same question: How do I invest in South Texas Oil? Investing in oil is a great strategy to build wealth and is perfect for those looking to diversify their financial portfolio. How you should invest will depend on your interests, as well as your financial qualifications. Investing in oil will help you to minimize risk and maximize profits.

Investments strengthen your income and build long-term wealth. Most investments are at the mercy of the unforgiving stock market. Sharp upward and downward swings create uncertainty. Let us not forget that market and consumer paradigm shifts can also reduce a once powerful company to a mere shadow of its glory. Sears, GE, and Toys-R-Us are all examples of this shift. Their investors are now looking for a new place to invest.

However, with the emergence of China and India as economic juggernauts, oil and gas are actually increasing in demand. Investing in oil stocks, such as publicly traded oil companies in South Texas, offers security to your portfolio and cushions against drastic market swings.

How do I invest in oil in South Texas to anticipate price increases?

Oil investments can be a strategic method of hedging against future price increases. This is where ETFs should be highly considered when an investor wants an easy way to invest. ETFs are easily bought, sold, and traded, which encourages the investor to make investments as necessary in response to a changing market.

Can I invest directly in oil in South Texas for better tax benefits?

Yes! Accredited investors have the unique opportunity to invest in the South Texas oil fields. This allows for minimal risk with amazing returns potential. Direct partnerships and joint ventures in the South Texas oil fields offers incredible tax advantages that no other investment can provide. As a partner, you can deduct and depreciate expenses associated with the development of the well, while simultaneously being rewarded with active income. This is because tax standards consider you an owner of an oil well in South Texas, but as a partner, the risk is distributed.

There are many ways to invest in the South Texas oil fields. If you aren’t an accredited investor yet, you should be seriously considering the opportunities that it can bring. This process is well worth the time and effort. Oil investments are not as volatile as most people assume. Modern, innovative technology has made finding and drilling for oil more reliable and less costly. So, which way do you want to invest in South Texas Oil?

This is not an offer to sell nor solicitation of an offer to buy any security listed herein. Such offer may only be made by a written private placement memorandum in a jurisdiction wherein the offering is duly registered or exempt therefrom. This content is provided for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed as tax, legal, or accounting advice. Investing in oil and gas is highly speculative and could result in substantial losses. There are no guarantees that any returns will be achieved. Potential investors should consult their attorney, accountant, and financial adviser before investing in oil and gas.