Oil and Gas Investing: A Match Seen from Heaven

by | Jun 26, 2014 | South Texas Oil Boom

Oil and Gas Investing: A Celestial Partnership

Insider Insights into the Texas oil boom

When it comes to oil and gas investing, Texas is now among the fastest-growing places in the entire United States, mostly centered on the Eagle Ford Shale but extending into a number of different locations along the Serpentine Plug. It is estimated that this area of South Texas holds more than 3 billion barrels of oil and 150 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves, just waiting to be brought to the surface.

The entire South Texas economy is soaring, with new shale plays literally transforming small, poor towns into booming economies. It is estimated that mineral rights are worth $1,500 per acre over a 5-million-acre territory. Residents have been cashing in on this boom, but it is the accredited oil and gas investors who really stand to benefit.

It is difficult to understand just how big the South Texas oil boom is, but when you see the NASA satellite image of the area, it makes it clear how significant an oil investing opportunity it can be for the sophisticated oil and gas investor.

south texas as seen from heaven