invest in the south texas oil boom

Now Is the Time to Invest in the South Texas Oil Boom

We are in the middle of an American oil boom, and South Texas is already playing a key role. Investing in oil and gas wells is something every investor should consider, and technological advancements that make it easier to determine where to drill, how much oil and gas is accessible, and to extract the oil and gas makes it a more lucrative opportunity than ever before.

Why Oil and Gas Well Partnerships and Joint Ventures Are Best when you want to invest in the South Texas Oil Boom

There are any number of methods by which an investor can invest in the oil and gas industry, but only partnerships and joint ventures, reserved for the most qualified investors, offer the advantages and incentives that go beyond simple diversification and hedging.


Why Invest in Oil and Gas

While oil and gas investors should not discount altruistic motives for investing in oil and gas wells, such as helping to create energy independence for the United States, the primary reason accredited investors turn to oil and gas well investing is because of the short- and long-term income benefits.


Who Should Invest in Oil and Gas

Oil and gas well partnerships are restricted to well-qualified investors who meet specific income and asset requirements. Investors should also be willing to perform the necessary due diligence to minimize the risk of investing, working with a respected owner-operator who has a proven track record of well production.